Clinical Services

Harnessing the latest therapeutic breakthroughs and cutting-edge equipment, our Clinical Services utilize a goal-oriented approach to help patients regain their strength, mobility and independence.

Our clinical services include:

              Post-surgical rehabilitation is recommended by your physician, based on your medical needs

             The of physical therapy is to reduce pain and inflammation, speed up healing, strengthen muscles. Physical therapy is often prescribed after surgery.

              At The Brentwood Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center we aim to improve the patient’s function and strength so that they are able to return home to a level of independence.

              The purpose of occupational therapy is to assist the patient in improving or the ability to perform daily activities. Occupational therapists use different treatment methods including stretching and strengthening exercises, practice of daily activities.

               Speech therapy deals with a person’s ability to communicate. Speech therapy is often prescribed after a stroke or for someone with progressive neurological conditions such as dementia.

Therapeutic approach designed to ease the recovery, to correct musculoskeletal limitations and reduce pain from trauma, illness, or surgery.

                Wound care and treatment is an important process to avoid serious complications. Without proper care by a wound care specialist, a wound can turn into serious infections.

                 Stroke rehabilitation is an important part of recovery after stroke. Stroke recovery is a program of different therapies addressed to help you regain with moving ability, speech, strength, and daily living skills after a stroke, depending on the parts of your brain affected by the stroke.

                     The idea and the goal of restorative care program are to maintain one’s highest level of mental and physical health to prevent declines impacting quality of life.

                          IV Therapy or intravenous Therapy delivers fluids into veins in the body in drip method to help with various health conditions.

              Respite Care service aims to provide you a temporary break from your caregiving responsibilities.

24/7 Days A Week Admissions with admission available directly from the ER or Home once criteria are met.

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