Neuro Recovery

Our innovative Neuro Rehab Program eases our patients’ return to prior routines and lifestyles through the utilization of the latest in technology and progressive modalities.

It is geared towards improving the quality of life of individuals recovering from:

The Brentwood is one of only four MA facilities using the OmniVR™ technology – a “virtual reality” rehabilitation system specially designed for seniors with physical limitations. Our program also features the SAS Track System – a rehab harness system connected to a ceiling-mounted rail that allows patients to perform high-level balance, gait and strengths tasks without the risk of falling.

Patient-centered care is delivered by our multidisciplinary team – comprised of neurology, physiatry, internal medicine experts and rehabilitation professionals – who collaborate to ensure that every patient receives an individualized treatment plan that optimizes their recovery.

As our patients recapture the skills they lost due to their neurological impairment, every small achievement is lauded and recognized as the big step forward it really is.

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